The start

Bank Australia wanted to become the leading ethical banking alternative for all Australians. But just like any good hero story, there were obstacles along the way. Their old website was confusing and hard to update. Plus there were missed opportunities for customer retention and conversion.

The middle

We played a small role in creating a seamless, customer-centric digital experience with simplicity at its core. Our work included a brand messaging strategy (and new brand language in collaboration with Shadowboxer), a complete audit of marketing technology, a technology road map for growth, management of a website design and build (which included collaborating with Words for Things, Portable, Paper Giant and Melorium), and automated email comms to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Harvey brought clarity, fresh perspective and set clear direction for our marketing tech, website and brand.

Nicole Hunter

The end

By redefining brand messaging, creating a user-centric website, leveraging Martech capabilities, and embracing automation, Bank Australia established a platform to elevate the customer experience, acquire more customers and impact as a rule