Cyclion Energy embarked on a mission to revolutionise waste management globally, turning household waste into a source of energy. As a budding Australian clean tech start-up, they envisioned a system that was not only economically viable but also scalable to suit different environments, from vibrant urban centres to remote regions. However, to convey this groundbreaking initiative to the world, they needed a robust online presence, a refreshed brand design, and refined messaging that resonated with their vision. That's where Harvey stepped in, ready to carve out a digital identity that echoed Cyclion's innovative spirit and green ethos.

Our journey began with the meticulous crafting of a website that would serve as the cornerstone of Cyclion's digital identity. We delved deep into the core of Cyclion's revolutionary technology to create a narrative that was both compelling and easy to understand for visitors. The website was designed to be a beacon of information, shedding light on the intricate processes and the science behind Cyclion's pioneering technology.

In partnership with Compass Studio and with the creative brilliance of designer Celine Tan, we rejuvenated the brand design, infusing it with elements that mirrored the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. The refreshed brand became a harmonious blend of modernity and nature, reflecting Cyclion's innovative approach to recycling and waste management.

Parallelly, we honed the messaging, ensuring it was sharp, focused, and conveyed the revolutionary impact Cyclion aimed to create in the waste management sector. Every word was chosen to echo the company's dedication to fostering a greener future through science-led, scalable solutions.

The culmination of our efforts was a vibrant, user-friendly website that not only delineated Cyclion's groundbreaking technology but also became a hub for potential investors and individuals passionate about environmental sustainability. The refreshed brand design and refined messaging have positioned Cyclion as a leader in the clean tech space, ready to spearhead a recycling revolution with a local solution to a global challenge.

The website now stands as a testament to Cyclion's commitment to harnessing technology to turn waste bound for landfills or seas into electricity and fuel, offering a glimpse into a future where people and the planet thrive in harmony.

Their expertise in brand design and messaging refinement has truly elevated our digital presence.

Philip Major