Content Producer (Mid - Senior)

Oct 2023

Oct 6, 2023
Oct 20, 2023

Applications for this role are closed.

To be transparent and accountable we share the results of our hiring processes, and share the results to help people looking for roles.
We also respond to each shortlisted candidate personally and aim to give meaningful feedback that helps them.


We were blown away by the response and humbled by the quality of respondents we got through this job ad that was published in LinkedIn 🙏 Thank you everyone who applied and put such thought and care into their application.

Overall, some people were just not quite the right fit for this specific role (some were too junior, too senior / specialised or not the right skill set), but we were impressed by the calibre of many applicants and varied backgrounds and hope there may be an opportunity to work together down the line.

How many people went through each stage:

*Applications are when someone applied on our website - applications through other platforms or not in the location aren't counted.

The applicants that stood out: 

  • Read the Job Description on LinkedIn carefully with a clear instruction to apply through the website (only 30% of people did this.)
  • Four applicants personally reached out to our founder Rebecca Smallchua on LinkedIn DMs expressing their interest in the role
  • They had strong writing skills / experience - which was a core requirement for the role
  • They had additional varied experience / skills on top of writing including multimedia experience (i.e. audio / visual / video) or expressed their keen interest in developing in this areas
  • Clearly read the section about ‘what you could be doing this month’ and expressed their interest in the variety the role offers
  • Demonstrated a strong affinity to Harvey’s purpose and called out values aligned brands we work with
  • They had an additional personal website / portfolio to share
  • Provided very relevant work samples with an explanation that spoke to the skills we listed in the job description


  • Content Producer (Mid) - $80 - 95k package
  • Content Producer (Senior) - $95 - 110k package


Victoria, co-work at Melbourne CBD

We work remotely and once a week we meet-up at our co-working office Hub Southern Cross  for a bit of human interaction :)

We also support team members who want to work overseas for a couple of weeks or months at time.


Full time

(9 day fortnight*)

*We do the same amount of hours over a fortnight, but take every 2nd Friday off.

About the role

As we grow we look for ways to evolve and we want to shape our roles around people. So at the moment, this role is focused on the following, and we’re open to how you think we could evolve it 🙂

As our Content Producer, you’ll create content to be shared on brand channels to drive brand engagement & advocacy. You’ll use your strategic ideas, creative flair and write copy across a number of different formats; emails, blogs, social media, videos, scripts, brand documents, website, case studies. You’ll be working directly with clients to help tell their stories.

While you focus on finding the story, idea and copy that will engage, you’ll collaborate with our core team who’ll help manage the client, support on design, video editing and publishing. If you’d like to lean into any of those areas we’d be more than happy to make that work for you.

For this role we’re seeking a Content Producer with 3 or more years experience creating content with a focus on writing.


If you were here last month you could've been involved in.

  • Participated in a client workshop to gather ideas and content themes for the upcoming quarterly content calendar for a client in the sustainable architecture & building industry. 
  • After recording an audio interview with a client about green building practices you’ll hear the stories and edit the gold into a long form blog article, 20 social posts captions and a newsletter. 
  • On Tuesdays you co-worked with the team at the Hub Southern Cross. You joined a couple of the team to head to lunch at the local Japanese restaurant to discuss the Ted Lasso S3 finale and which one of the team busked on Bourke Street over the weekend.
  • You joined our Monthly Impact Update where you heard about the month that was. The team celebrated each team member’s “greatest hits”, wins, learnings, and you heard a transparent overview of how we’re tracking financially. We reviewed our strategic goals, projects & reflected on what we should start, stop and continue doing. You heard about details on two pieces of client work the team were particularly proud of.
  • You collaborated with Bec in a client  brand workshop for an Indigenous Education organisation and then helped define the brand strategy and key messages following the workshop.
  • Sarah and you worked together on the copy for a wireframe for a waste innovation company to help launch their new brand and Birchal crowdfunding campaign
  • You reviewed the transcript of a 2 hr interview with a client about an upcoming launch to find interesting quotes, stories and create a long form blog post to promote in an upcoming newsletter.
  • You helped the team create a few social tiles in Canva using the client's brand templates to support your social posts.
  •  You attended your fortnightly self-development and coaching session with your manager and walked away with clear feedback on areas you’re thriving in, areas for improvement and goals to work on

You can...

Be curious and creative

You’re a proactive self-learner with an understanding of how good content can bring out the best in a brand. You have a hunger for staying across the latest social and cultural news, and can translate your findings into your creative work to deliver on brand goals. You’re committed to continuous improvement, open to experimenting with new tools and skill building. You know how to ask client’s the right questions to tell a story and have a special craft in translating to words through copywriting.

Be strategic and act

You’re an expert in what makes audiences tick and know how to meld industry best practice with the magic of our client’s brand to create and implement a kick-butt content strategy. You have a strong ‘test and learn’ mentality to content creation, and a passion for understanding which content performs and why. You can take learnings from past posts or campaigns and apply them to inform and guide future decisions and strategy.

Play smart and lean

You are organised and detail-oriented, and you are comfortable in an online environment. You manage your time well and can keep multiple plates spinning by prioritising the tasks you have on the go. You know how to use (or open to learning) tools like GDrive, Slack, Chat GPT, Canva, Descript to maximise efficiency, and always stay solution-focused, finding creative - and sometimes scrappy - ways to solve problems.

Use business for good

You’re passionate about the role business can play to be a force for good and want to be surrounded by people who feel the same and made it their life’s work!

The kinds of clients you'd be working with

They are passionate about impact, genuinely lovely to work with and value what we do.
Bank Australia
Merry People
The Sociable Weaver
22 Bricks
Abundant Water
Anantaya Jewellery
Client Fabric
Clockwork Films
Compass Studio
Dog & Bone
Farm My School

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Content Producer (Mid - Senior)


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