#2: Governance and team

 It means our mission literally forms the foundation of everything we do. Which is pretty important to us. This year, we also grew our team (unintentionally!) and prioritised everyone’s wellness and development.

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Teamwork makes the
(purpose-driven) dream work.

One thing we didn’t want to do was build a team.

We wanted to spend our time doing the work, working directly with our clients, and helping them solve their problems – not managing people. But then maternity leave rolled around, and our workload meant that we simply had no choice but to call in some help. And we’re so glad we did.

This year, we brought on Sarah O’Terra to help us with content and creative, and Rachel Lai to assist our digital marketing efforts. Both working relationships grew organically. They have helped Harvey scale and have a bigger impact. We're lucky to have them.

We’ve all been working so well together that we’ve totally reconsidered our position on the whole ‘team’ thing.

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We’re supporting our team’s wellbeing.

Establishing a team and supporting their physical and emotional wellbeing is a huge responsibility, and it’s one we take seriously.

Team support

When it comes to how we operate as a team, we try to be as egalitarian as we can by voting on our work priorities and impact areas.

We also hold:

  • Personal development coaching sessions
  • Daily technical and relationship skills coaching
  • Weekly team meditation
  • Friday wrap sessions celebrating wins and highlight team members
  • Daily virtual stand-ups

“I get to spend everyday with businesses I always hoped existed – businesses for good.

Sarah O'Terra

More about our team

“Working along-side specialists who love their craft is inspiring.

Rachel Lai

More about our team

The 6 areas of
this report

Let’s take a look back at the year that was (before wrapping up with some of our goals and intention-setting for 2021). To keep things simple, we’ve broken this report up into six parts, that speak to six areas that were particularly important to us this part year:

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