Refreshed website, new case studies, launching Beyond Zero Emissions website and more….

Can you believe we’re already more than halfway through the year?! We thought it’s due time for a Harvey update. 

September 7, 2023

What we’ve been up to

Earlier in the year, Sarah got the opportunity to visit the Solomon Islands where we’re working with Strongim Bisnis and partners / local entrepreneurs on helping boost the local economy through brand strategy, design, customer research and ecommerce. We were able to conduct some in-country user testing on packaging design, and meet the wonderful business owners and community we’re impacting through our work. Becky returned to work after a little break giving birth last  August, and shared some honest thoughts on her return from maternity leave in a blog. Plus we welcomed a new team member - Ashe Davenport is a wonderful content strategist and talented writer. 

​​Beyond Zero Emissions new website launched - nerds unite!

We’re excited to launch the Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) website this month - a project a long time in the making! BZE is a think tank helping Australia shift to a prosperous zero-emissions economy. We reimagined the BZE website to ensure their content, research and resources were easily accessible and optimised for an intuitive online experience for all users. We’re pretty proud of this one - 

Zero Emissions Day - The Business Pickle

As you probably picked up, we're passionate about what businesses can do to leave this world a better place for our grandkids, that's why we started The Business Pickle. On the 21st of September (Zero Emissions day) we’re hosting a panel event with speakers from Bank Australia, Front Runners, WorkforClimate and Portable that will dive deep into discussions about carbon emissions and how to bridge the gap between business intent and actionable strategies on environmental sustainability. If you’re in Melbourne, join us for this intimate gathering of business leaders working toward a more sustainable future or join the live stream from wherever you are! Register here (use code PICKLE for a free ticket).

B Corp Re-Certification and Portable Sustainability Strategy 

We recently re-submitted for our B Corp re-certification (3 years flies back quickly when you’re having fun!). We’re also excited to share the case study on the environmental strategy we created with Portable through The Business Pickle. It details the steps we took and gives away tools, frameworks and sustainability initiatives that could be helpful for you on your sustainability journey. 

We're not able to make our 5% donation this year

Keeping it real, it hasn’t all been positive. Full transparency - we’ve unfortunately not been able to make our annual 5% revenue donation this year due to our financial position. This was a difficult conclusion to come to as it’s something we have done every year since our first year in business, which has led to $89k in donations to Greening Australia and Beyond Zero Emissions to do our bit for the planet. We’re sorry to let anyone down and hope to make this year’s donation in future years. 

Celebrating our clients on our new website

Finally, after 4 years in our little business, we took the opportunity to do for ourselves what we do for our clients - build a new and refreshed website! Since we started, we’ve grown our team, sharpened our skills and service offering (and made mistakes and learned from them) but our purpose remains the same. We exist to help conscious businesses grow. We’ve had the opportunity to work on some dream projects with incredibly impactful businesses like Bank Australia, Beyond Zero Emissions, ATEC, Studio Schools of Australia and many more, which we’ve now featured as case studies on the website. We’ve also sharpened our Webflow development skills, integrating special technical features into this build including clever database content management and a clean CCS making it easy to duplicate design elements without the fear of bugs (we’ll share more nerdy details for those interested soon). 

Thanks for spending some time catching up on all things Harvey. We’d love to hear from you and learn about all the cool things you’re doing. Drop us a line sometime and say hi.

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