Report #3

2021 - 2022

Good things can happen

What did this look like IRL in 2021-22?

October 1, 2023

This our 3rd impact report, a 7 part snapshot of how things have been going of late.

To be honest, the last 12 months were a heady mix of highlights and progress, alongside moments where we didn’t quite meet our expectations.

This Impact Report is a summary of our year, broken into 6 parts plus this executive summary. Continue reading this summary or dive deeper into specific chapters: 1. Clients, 2. Team, 3. Community, 4. Environment, 5. Governance, 6. Wrap up & goals.

A few highlights

  • Donated $49,049 to Beyond Zero Emissions to support the pivotal work they're doing in accelerating a prosperous zero-emissions Australia
  • Helped over 30 clients who impact 14 of the UN sustainable development goals
  • Continued to do what we love across customer research, brand strategies, marketing campaigns, website and eCom store builds, social media management, display advertising and email marketing
  • Second ever impact trip, visiting clients in Cambodia and Bangladesh
  • Recognised by B Corp as Best for the World Community
  • Invested in ethical beauty B Corp Kester Black
  • Provided significant discounts to our most impactful, for-purpose clients

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