Since day one, it’s been important that we use Harvey as a tool for funnelling essential funds towards initiatives that help find solutions.

December 19, 2022

"We believe businesses have a powerful role to play in addressing the climate crisis"

"Sometimes it's difficult to accept our reality while staying motivated and optimistic with the way our climate and planet are going. But change often happens slower in the short term and much faster than we expect in the medium term. We're hopeful. We believe businesses have a powerful role to play in addressing the climate crisis, and it's inspiring seeing so many step up."
– Simon Smallchua speaking at Pause Fest 2020

The planet won’t wait and we are listening 

The 2021 IPPC report declared a “a code red for humanity”. The landmark study warned of increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding, and a key temperature limit being broken in just over a decade.

But scientists say a catastrophe can be avoided if the world acts fast. There is hope that deep cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases could stabilise rising temperatures. 

Change is happening:

  • We’re seeing the beginnings of a long-awaited global shift towards nature
  • The UN has declared 2021-2030 the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
  • COP26 has seen more pledges for climate action to 2030 
  • A shift in government moves us in the right direction 

Shift in focus from trees to renewables 

Since day one, it’s been important that we use Harvey as a tool for funnelling essential funds towards initiatives that help find solutions. 

Having donated $35,000 to the amazingly impactful Greening Australia over the last 3 years, we’ve changed direction to renewables. Not because Green Australia doesn’t do important work – we encourage you to check them out/donate if you can – but because we wanted to support an organisation with a closer link to our mission: 

"Unlock the potential of the new economy to leave behind a better world".

With this in mind, a better fit for us felt like an organisation with system and economic change at the forefront. You might know them? They’re one of Australia’s most effective climate policy advocacy organisations and are creating jobs, economical and commercial opportunities critical to decarbonising Australia at scale and speed. They’re called Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). And in 2021-22 we donated $49,016.  

What we donated to BZE in 2021-22


So, who is Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE)?

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an independent think-tank whose research shows the technological and financial feasibility of achieving zero emissions in Australia in the short-term, while maintaining employment for people in regional communities that have traditionally depended on fossil fuels. 

Projects and research worth noting

  • Shifting the politics and narrative around climate action and jobs in Australia’s regions with its work on Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts in Gladstone and the Hunter Valley.
  • The Million Jobs Plan (2020) demonstrated that a renewables-led recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic was possible. The plan led to 6 projects with a combined value of over $21b, securing funding from the Commonwealth Government. 
  • The 10 Gigawatt Vision showed how renewable energy can power jobs and investment in the Northern Territory. This project led to a major pivot in the NT government’s climate and economic policies. 

We’re super excited to partner and support BZE’s ambitious goals over the next year (more to come on this). 

Find out more at bze.org.au

Explore 6 areas of this report

We speak to the five areas of business that were particularly important this past 12 months, then one final wrap up on goals and intention-setting for 2022-23.

Executive summary

  1. Clients - Help conscious business grow
  2. Team - Enable everyone to be their best
  3. Community - Enrich the community where we operate
  4. Environment - Regenerate and accelerate
  5. Governance - Open, fair and efficient operations

Wrap up & goals: eyes on 2022-2023

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