We want to improve our impact; optimise time spent on clients; deliver greater value and growth for clients; prepare for B Corp recertification

December 19, 2022

We're not seeking to expand and achieve high growth

In terms of our 2022-23 goals, we aren’t making any crazy changes to our 2021-22 goals. We missed some, could improve in others, and are happy if we achieve the rest. 
- Becky Smallchua, Harvey

We’re not seeking to expand and achieve high growth. We do want to improve our impact; optimise time spent on clients; deliver greater value and growth for clients; prepare for B Corp recertification (which is a significant task in itself).

We’re continuing to use the B Corp Framework to set our goals so we can continue to deliver on our purpose of unlocking the potential of the new economy to leave behind a better world.

B Corp recertification + Workers

Recertifying as B Corp is normally a big piece of work. And on top of that, we’ll have to complete the Workers section for the first time as we now have full time staff. (For context, the first certification took us approx. 200 hrs.) 

So we’re not looking to increase our score from 134.1 – it might even drop slightly – but we want to get through the process, while setting up some automations and data collection, so future recertification and reporting becomes easier.

Updated targets for the next 12 months

Team | Be the best versions of us

There are two main changes here. First, we’re reducing our target for percentage of time on clients – it was 90% last year, which wasn’t ever realistic (80% is still ambitious). Secondly, we’re switching to 9-day fortnights.

  • Harvey team spends 80% of their overall time on clients
  • Regular honest check-ins about how we feel
  • Targeted and clear personal growth, if we are better our clients will be
  • Improve and increase capability across team 
  • 9 day fortnights, with option for 4 day weeks

Community | Lift the communities we’re part of

The major change here is having a Reconciliation Action Plan and acting on it.

  • Protest and boycott important issues (Australia Day, Melbourne Cup)
  • Buy with intention from local and discriminated groups
  • Invest $20k in impact businesses and $20k of pro bono time
  • Have a RAP, engaged stakeholders and implemented more change

Environment | Crank up the action on climate and environment 

No changes here.

  • Be climate positive at work and at home
  • Donate 5% to the environment
  • Re-use, recycle and manage dangerous waste
  • Advocate for sustainable business

Clients | Help conscious business grow

Slightly adjusted the % of work we do for each level of client.

  • No destructive clients. Revenue 15% Good, 60% Great, 25% Amazing
  • 3/5 value for money. 8/10 likely to recommend.
  • Maintain current revenue

Governance | Operate fairly and squarely as an impact business 

Small change to maintain B Corp score (instead of increase)

  • Maintain current ownership
  • Share templates, documents and insight into business for good
  • Maintain B Corp score from 134.1 with workers included 

So the next 12 months are about optimisation, focus and delivering on our goals.

End note: Good things happen

Balancing impact and profit is a challenge – for our clients and ourselves. When you look around us, our shared economic future is unclear and the climate is seemingly past the point of no return…But! Humans continue to do miraculous things, invent new stuff, change their behaviour, and become more informed. 

So, are we hopeful? Is there enough change? Is our small impact making any difference? 

It’s a rollercoaster, to be honest. But at the end of each day, week, month and year, we’re an optimistic bunch in an optimistic place, making good things happen. We look to the positive progress around us, place one foot in front of the other, and hug our families. 

Of course, a lot of the work is made easier by continuing to surround ourselves with amazing people, businesses and organisations that together tackle some pretty big stuff. 

Looking forward, we hope Harvey stays relatively small, our impact increases relative to our size, our clients grow and thrive (and they recommend us, too!). For our new venture, The Business Pickle, we hope it will influence and support many, many businesses in their quest for a better world. 

In terms of the bigger picture, we hope the momentum continues to grow, and that ideas and innovation turn into embedded systems change. We hope more leaders connect profit and purpose. We hope global warming slows down. And we hope more people live meaningful lives. 

And back here at home, we hope Margie, Arthur and all the young people in Harvey’s world have a future to look forward to. A future in change-making perhaps, tackling the problems, pitfalls and opportunities previous generations left them behind.

Becky and Simon Smallchua x

Harvey, Beck, Margie and Simon (photo from Bank Australia)

Explore 6 areas of this report

We speak to the five areas of business that were particularly important this past 12 months, then one final wrap up on goals and intention-setting for 2022-23.

Executive summary

  1. Clients - Help conscious business grow
  2. Team - Enable everyone to be their best
  3. Community - Enrich the community where we operate
  4. Environment - Regenerate and accelerate
  5. Governance - Open, fair and efficient operations

Wrap up & goals - eyes on 2022-2023

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