Our mission is to unlock the potential of the new economy to leave behind a better world. This past 12 months, we took the time to breakdown what this means to us in detail.

December 19, 2022

The term ‘conscious business’ is an important one for us

"The term ‘conscious business' reflects the belief that to be a good business owner you need to be aware of the world you’re doing business in. We were careful to choose the word ‘conscious’ rather than ‘purpose’, as it felt more encompassing of good businesses that are looking for more ways to be better." – Simon Smallchua

Our mission is to unlock the potential of the new economy to leave behind a better world.

This past 12 months, we took the time to breakdown what this means to us in detail:


We use smart ‘no nonsense’ marketing and technology to bring vision and purpose to life while delivering bottom line growth.


We help our team and clients go from good to great and great to amazing 

New Economy

We’re working with impactful, ethical and overall positive clients who are celebrated as leaders in their category

Better World

We’re in the business of helping people and the planet and have clear sustainability criteria  for the types of businesses we work with.

How we choose the clients we work with 

We work with clients who help move the needle on some of the pressing issues of our time through their work, either directly or indirectly. For clients scoring on impact we offer 30% and 50% discounts. 

The framework that guides us

We created a framework based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help us to make informed and conscious decisions about who we work with. The output is an overall negative or positive score. 

Our team dives into the world of Sustainable Development Goals

It works like this

Prospective clients are assessed against the UN’s 17 SDGs as either destructive, negative, neutral or positive. (Whether wholly or in part, indirectly, or directly.)

Those with ‘negative’ points must make up for it for it with positive points. 

Those with ‘destructive’ points are declined or referred to other agencies

Based on the prospective client’s points score, they receive a discount:

  • Good: standard rates
  • Great: 30% discount
  • Amazing: 50% discount
Where we aim to play (% of our time)
  • 20% Good
  • 60% Great
  • 20% Amazing

We understand that our framework is subjective to a degree, which is why we’re constantly fine-tuning the way we come at it.

We also acknowledge the issues with the UN’s SDGs –  they are seen by some as perpetuating structural oppression at a global scale, and by others as not really shifting the dial on anything (all talk no action). We use them as a general guide to assessing our clients rather than cherry picking good/bad things out of nowhere.

So, how did we do?

Through 2021-22 we ended up spending 12% (up YoY) of our time on Good’, 52% on ‘Great’ (down YoY) and 36% on ‘Amazing’ (down YoY). Over the course of the year, this means that 88% of our clients received discounts, with the total amount of work discounted coming in at $255,188. 

We also donated time to a range of projects but unfortunately track it, so we can’t say how much. Sorry world. Sorry, finance team.

All told, we’re pretty pleased with how we’ve fared, even though we’re not exactly on target. While we delivered much more discounted work than anticipated, which in turn made revenue up overall year on year, we were careful with our costs and broke even (which is our goal). 

How our clients feel about working with Harvey

It’s important for us to know the impact we’re having on our clients’ businesses and their work. Here’s a few things we learned from our last client survey.


  • All of our clients would recommend us (or already have)
  • Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) sitting at 72 NPS up from 64 YoY (72% promoters, 28% neutral, 0% detractors)

Happy with that

  • Some of the words our clients used to describe us included “friendly”, “flexible”, “patient”, “fun”, “relatable”, “collaborative approach” and “intuitive”.
  • 64.7% of our clients told us we were good value, 35.3% said we could charge more, 0% that we charged too much. We love this feedback, and want to maintain this high value-for-money rating with our lean and nimble team and no-nonsense marketing approach.

Areas we’re improving based on feedback we received

  1. Reviewing the way we onboard clients who are less familiar with tools like Google Docs. So for example being here to offer training on how to find, open, save, edit documents, and share documents with the team. 
  2. Paying more attention to jargon and avoiding terms that aren’t commonly used with our clients. We talk all day about WIPs, SSOTs, PPC and ROAS, but these are all meaningless if they don't connect. (In case you’re wondering – Work In Progress is WIP, Single Source Of Truth documents is SSOT, Pay Per Click is PPC and Return on Ad Spend is ROAS.) 

We love a client success story

Bank Australia: Brand & Tech Strategy

Bank Australia

Setting a new benchmark in ethical banking, Bank Australia is a customer owned, B Corp-certified bank.


SDG 5 Gender Equality, SDG 7 Energy, SDG 8 Good work and economy, SDG 9 infrastructure and innovation, SDG 10 inequality (financial), SDG 11 Cities, SDG 13 Climate change, SDG  15 Forests and land, SDG 17 Promote SDGs.

What we did

Website: Set the strategic approach; customer and website data analysis; existing site audit and IA redesign; evaluated and sourced CMS, design and development partners; managed delivery to final launch and support. 

Brand: Set new brand strategy and oversaw refresh of visual identity and development of new brand language, including sourcing of branding agency.

Marketing Automation: Audited and documented existing automations; set vision and roadmap for future automations; defined technical requirements; evaluated marketing automation system.


Shadow Boxer (Brand), Words For Things (Copy writing), Paper Giant (Web/UX Design), Portable (Web Development), Melorium (Analytics), Compelling Copy (SEO Copy), Webflow (CMS)

"Simon provided technical, strategic and management support on our website, automation and brand that helped the team move forward, solve tricky problems and deliver a better experience for customers."
- Nicole Hunter, Head of Marketing, Bank Australia

Jasper Coffee: End-to-end Marketing

Jasper Coffee

Jasper Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and sustainability pioneer with certifications for organic, Fairtrade and carbon neutral.


SDG 12: Responsible consumption

What we did

Customer Research: Surveyed 1000+ and interviewed 7 coffee drinkers  to uncover category insights, customer behaviour, brand perceptions and purchase drivers. The result was 3 clear target segments to focus on, grow and leave as secondary.

e-Commerce Growth and Brand Strategy: Growth strategy and pillars to get to $2 million in online sales inclusive of forecast calendar outlining tactical activity, budget, resourcing and sales targets. We also refined and clarified Jasper Coffee’s brand strategy in preparation for their visual identity refresh.

End-to-end Marketing: We act as Jasper Coffee’s marketing team – directing all strategic marketing activities, budget and implementation, from managing socials, emails, digital advertising, website CRO and their SEO agency, and running campaigns


Rooland (Design), Calibre 9 (SEO)

"The support we feel from the Harvey team feels good. Their collaborative approach makes it easy for us to focus on areas we hadn't previously thought of."
- Jessica Irvine, General Manager, Jasper Coffee

ATEC: End-to-end Marketing



ATEC supports households across Asia and Africa to transition to modern, decarbonised cooking. 


SDG 1: Poverty, SDG 2: Food, SDG 3: Health, SDG 5: Gender equality, SDG 7: Energy, SDG 8: Good work and economy, SDG 9: Infrastructure and innovation, SDG 10: Inequality (financial), SDG 13: Climate change, SDG 15: Forests and land, SDG 18: Promotes SDG

What we did

Digital Marketing Director: Simon sits on the global leadership team and is charged with building a lean digital-led marketing capability across local teams in Cambodia and Bangladesh. The team’s focus is on changing behaviour in developing markets, and activity includes website, lead form builds and Facebook advertising.

Global Brand Refresh: In 2021 we refreshed the ATEC brand to reposition ATEC as a world leading disruptor of modern clean cooking with the introduction of carbon credits to their clean-cooking products line. The work included a new brand and messaging guide, plus visual identity (logos, colours, fonts and so forth.) 


James Cook (Visual Identity), Webflow (CMS), Hive Digital (SEO)

“Harvey helps our digital business dreams come true.” - Ben Jefferys, CEO, ATEC

King Pump: Brand, Website and Digital Marketing

King Pump

King Pump (of Pteah Baitong) retails affordable portable solar powered water pumps for small-scale farmers across Cambodia. 


SDG 2 Food, SDG 1 Health, SDG 6. Water and sanitation, SDG 7 Energy, SDG 9 Infrastructure and innovation, SDG 10 Inequality (financial), SDG 13 Climate change


Brand strategy, Visual Brand ID, CRM, Ads, Website 

What we did

Brand Strategy: We set a brand strategy for the new brand ‘King Pump’ (pricing, messaging, audience, CVP), and developed a distinct visual identity and brand assets.

Website: Crafted and built a dual language website & conversion points.

Sales & CRM: We set up and integrated a CRM and ran social ads to reach our target audience. 

Digital Advertising: Setup a digital advertising campaigns to drive high quality traffic, build brand and most importantly sales.


Jérémie Montessuis (Photography)

"I chose to work with Harvey because of their experience working with social businesses in emerging markets. They offered careful support and guidance throughout the whole project, which allowed me to get the most out of the learning opportunity.”
- Michael Papi, Managing Director, King Pump

Beyond thrilled with this Client list

All up, we worked with a balance of 15 returning and 15 new clients in 2021-22.


  • A.BCH
  • Aggie Gifts
  • Alton
  • ATEC
  • Bank Australia
  • Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Dog & Bone
  • HappyTap
  • Jasper Coffee
  • KidsCo
  • Kester Black
  • Possible
  • The Colony
  • We Are Lumen
  • Zoe Pook


  • Anantaya
  • Cherished Pets
  • Client Fabric
  • Dulux
  • Evee
  • Gewurzhaus
  • Hey Doodle
  • League of Intrapreneurs
  • Marnie Hawson
  • Merry People
  • Nutshell Films
  • Prisma Legal
  • Pteah Baitong/King Pump
  • WIRE
  • XR Health

And 6 are B Corps

  1. Bank Australia
  2. Dog & Bone
  3. Jasper Coffee
  4. Kester Black
  5. Prisma Legal
  6. Marnie Hawson
Harvey were able to distil in clear, concise language and engaging format complex concepts regarding social and structural issues and the theory of change.
- Bev Kliger, Chair, WIRE

“Harvey blew away our expectations when they agreed to assist WIRE with drafting out a 3 year strategic plan. They were incredibly thorough reading through key policy and project documents, considering the draft strategy that was dense and word heavy. Team Harvey were able to distil in clear, concise language and engaging format complex concepts regarding social and structural issues and the theory of change."
– Beverley Kliger, Chair, WIRE

Explore 6 areas of this report

We speak to the five areas of business that were particularly important this past 12 months, then one final wrap up on goals and intention-setting for 2022-23.

Executive summary

  1. Clients - Help conscious business grow
  2. Team - Enable everyone to be their best
  3. Community - Enrich the community where we operate
  4. Environment - Regenerate and accelerate
  5. Governance - Open, fair and efficient operations

Wrap up & goals: eyes on 2022-2023

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