We were recognised in B Corp’s ‘Best for the World’ lists for our impact in Community, which means scoring in the top 5% of the global community.

December 19, 2022

Recognised in B Corp’s ‘Best for the World’ lists for our impact in Community

"I love that you have laid out all of our documents and templates transparently. As a small team, it’s a lot of work to do the documentation required for the assessment and then also to open source that – you’re doing a lot of businesses a world of good." - Kira Day, Community Manager, B Lab ANZ

Being recognised as Best for the World (Community)

We were recognised in B Corp’s ‘Best for the World’ lists for our impact in Community, which means scoring in the top 5% of the global community.

Some of the commitments we’ve made that contributed to this score include:

  • 5% of revenue donated to charity 
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion – in ownership, leadership, policies and supplier criteria
  • Choosing an impactful bank (Bank Australia)
  • Considering our suppliers, buying from businesses owned by females, local, discriminated groups, or B Corps
  • Providing 30% and 50% discounts to our high impact clients
  • Invest $20k in impact businesses

We share more about our impact in an interview with the B Lab team here.

Supporting local continues to be our thing

Wherever possible, we use local (to us!) service providers and partners, and we work with businesses that are owned and run by under-represented groups in the business space. 

There’s also the role we play in the B Corp community, and doing what we can to utilise and work with B Corp (and B Corp-aspirational) companies. 

Our business bank is Australia's leading ethical bank, Bank Australia (it’s Becky and Simon, and Sarah’s personal bank, too). And our default superannuation fund is Verve Super. 

Who we collaborated with

  • Amy Whitfield – Photography
  • Bree Dunbar – Photography
  • Bree Hammond – Photography
  • Calibre 9 – SEO
  • Compelling Copy – SEO
  • Data Sauce – Digital Performance Marketing
  • Hive Digital – SEO
  • Hot Glue – Agency
  • James Cook – Branding and Design
  • Katie Ford – Illustration and Design
  • Lisa O’Sullivan – WORDS for things, Copywriting
  • Oscar Hamilton – Podcast Outreach
  • Paper Giant – User Experience Design
  • Portable – Web Development
  • Rooland – Branding and Design
  • Sarah Crooke (Melorium) - Web Analytics
  • Sarah Prescott – Marketing Strategy
  • Shadow Boxer – Branding and Design
  • Sharon Behen – Strategy and PR
  • Simon Khano – Design
  • Souha Intani – Copywriting
  • Tali Brash – Mediation and Mindfulness
  • Veronica Lee – Branding and Design
  • Wesley Rodricks – eCom Design
  • Why Hive – Data Science
  • Zoran Ilievski – Shopify Development

Doing cool stuff with community-focused clients  

As you might know, we have a guiding framework for helping us choose who we work with. For us, these decisions have an impact even on our idea of community. By supporting businesses that we know are taking great strides to enrich their communities, it means we can amplify our impact through them – in communities we may never have reached otherwise! Which we think is pretty cool. 

Spotlight on one fantastic client

WIRE: 3-Year Strategic Plan


WIRE is the only free service in Victoria providing information, support and referrals to women, and non-binary and gender-diverse people on any issue.


SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG 10: Reduce Inequalities

What we did

3-year strategic plan for the organisation. Workshops, strategy, content, framework development, design.


Katie Ford – Designer; Lisa O’Sullivan – Copywriter

"Harvey blew away our expectations as they were able to distil in clear, concise language, and engaging formats, complex concepts regarding social and structural issues and the theory of change."

– Beverley Kliger, Chair, WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc.

No (bad) days off, again!

As much as we love a day off, we choose not to celebrate Australia Day and the Melbourne Cup public holidays. As far as we’re concerned, neither is cause for celebration. Instead we ask if each person wants to work, take time in lieu and take a public stance against the day.

Early days yet on our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 

It started with us realising our lack of awareness and understanding, and our minimal exposure to RAP. A team member from Beyond Zero Emissions shared their journey and resources, which led us to explore further. 

As individuals and as a business, we knew we wanted to take reconciliation actions to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country, but the process to get there? We’re still only just at the start of our learning journey.

One of the first little steps we made was a storytelling session. Each of us researched and shared about the Country we live on locally, its traditional owners, and some of the specifics we could find on customs and history. We discovered that Harvey has people in Bulanaming, Gadigal, Wurundjeri, Dja Dja Wurrung and Cammeraygal Countries throughout Australia.

A small acknowledgement that has led to some interesting conversations is including our country / location in our Zoom names.

We acknowledge that RAP is a priority and that we’re lagging more than we’d like. Where we’re headed next is learning through community and from businesses further along the road than us. Watch this space, but next year we aim to have a fully defined RAP and much more progress, with input and consultation from indigenous representatives.

Explore 6 areas of this report

We speak to the five areas of business that were particularly important this past 12 months, then one final wrap up on goals and intention-setting for 2022-23.

Executive summary

  1. Clients - Help conscious business grow
  2. Team - Enable everyone to be their best
  3. Community - Enrich the community where we operate
  4. Environment - Regenerate and accelerate
  5. Governance - Open, fair and efficient operations

Wrap up & goals: eyes on 2022-2023

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